Noise Dolls


The art of circuit bending toys and casing them inside doll heads goes back a long time. I did not know this the first time I did it and was very proud of myself and came up with the term "NOISE DOLL".

(please use that term and make a wikipedia thread)

It really is very simple. Since alot of toys come in tiny crappy hard plastic cases it is way easier to put the circuit inside a doll head! Others have even taken it as far as turning doll heads into fully functional synthesizers, but I stick to circuit bent toys!

Every doll head is its own unique art piece and I usually sell them or give them away when I get bored with them.

The Dolls

Unbent Toy


Circuit Bent Fuzz Pedal

Circuit Bent Barbie

Circuit Bent
Eye Toy

Circuit Bent
Car Toy

Atari Punk Console

Voice Changer Megaphone

Circuit Bent Trumpet Toy

Circuit Bent Crying Baby

Circuit Bent Drum Toy

Doll Head