You Send It I Bend It


I have now finished almost everything that was sent to me during 2018. Contact me below to claim your package! Write what you sent me and your name so I can double check your package & finally get back on track with this concept.
Shipping back will cost about $20 (more if HUGE package). I cant afford sending back the packages cause the total cost of all your packages would be to much. 


"You Send It I Bend It" is a concept I started pretty early on in my youtube adventures.
The idea got coined from the fact that I wanted to circuit bend as much as possible to advance my skill, but at the same time not having to buy and sell a bunch of toys, guitar pedals and keyboards in order to sustain this hobby.

So I came up with the idea that if you send me something - I will circuit bend it and send it back to you! That way I won't drown in electronics and you will with some luck have something really cool and unique that I've been inside!
(unless I just break it, which is a risk you have to be willing to take!!)

In the beginning it was only meant to be for subscribers. So to be like a form of connection to my channel! You would be in one of my videos. Since I also ask to play your music in the episode and put links to each sender in the description.
I truly enjoyed the unboxing experience with letters and "fan-art" from viewers.
But as the concept grew I got a little bit greedy and started reaching out to companies to send me pieces of their gear to circuit bend. This was fun and exiting from my perspective since I got to go in on some really expensive pieces of music equipment. 
But in the end it just means I do less packages from viewers. So going forward with this I will ONLY do subscriber packages.

As of right now my youtube channel has become alot bigger, and at the same time my pile of packages has become ALOT BIGGER! So I'm right now working on finishing packages from 2017-18 before I accept new things to circuit bend. 
But as soon as that is finished I will accept new packages from YOU!


Closed ATM