Original Magpie Pedals


The idea behind the MAGPIE PEDALS is that I take everything/anything I can find with a hidden guitar pedal inside and bring out the best of it!
It goes all the way from mechanical stuttering effects to childrens toys.

Usually I just make one unit and encourage you to make your own! Since the diy aspect of it is half the fun. But sometimes I make a batch and sell or give away.

The Pedals

Voice Changer

Perfect Pitch
Lofi Doll Arm

Kylo Ren Octave Fuzz

Karaoke Mic Delay

Amp Plug


T-Pain Lofi

Tattoo Droner

Hearing Aid

Batman Octave
Fuzz Tremolo

Yada Yada Pitch Looper


Power Outlet Passive Multi

Walkie Talkie
Wireless Lofi

Useless Pedal

Solar Panel Expression CV