Magpie Pirates


The "Magpie Pirates" is a community started by me (4th Jan 2018) to be a platfrom for all creative pirates to sail under a common flag!

Since then an amazing ammount of creative initiatives and projects have been done by this community. On bandcamp you can find a whole bunch of community albums that has been open for anyone in the community to join! And on youtube people in the community can apply to upload videos of whatever they like (almost).

In the late 2018 we also started the yearly tradition of the MAGPIE FEST. Which is a online music festival where artists from the community perform from the comfort of their own home in a livestream.
All orchestrated by Dismist.

Recently we started making STUDIO TOURS on youtube. Since we are scattered all over the world it's really fun to see how people live and create. Join us and show your stuff.

Underneath you will also find sample packs put together by various pirates from the community. As well as other resources!

Current Project

A new genre that follows 3 easy micro rules.

1: Tiny sounds (think ASMR) to build up beats.
2: Beeps & boops. Make melodies inspired by the microwave timer.
3: Drones. Inspired by a turned on microwave.

Submit your tracks for the first MICROWAVE album that will be posted on the magpie pirates bandcamp.