Free Sample Packs


All samples are FREE to download and use however you want. No copyright or any shit like that. If you want to support me then just buy my music on bandcamp or become a patreon. I'm really just in it for the fun!

I don't process the samples in any way. They are just the straight up raw recording from whatever project I'm working on.

Alot of the sample packs are put together by: Electronic Octopus.
He is a long time "Magpie Pirate" with a lot of music that you can find on his soundcloud and bandcamp.

Sometimes he just makes a pack from a recent video I have posted. Directly from youtube. And other times I send him the whole audio file from a recorded project and he cuts it and sort it out into a pack.

As a thank you I have sent him a couple of circuit bent guitar pedals.
But I definitely recommend you to go check out his music! To give him some support for his great work.

'Oh shit, you want a quote?' - electronic octopus

P.S. This also means that some packs will be updated over time with more samples.